General Hospital Spoilers, Thursday, February 2nd: Julian Falls, Olivia Calls


“General Hospital” spoilers for Thursday, February 2nd, tease an episode when a mobster might make a big mistake and two friends commiserate.

Watch Out, Julian

Julian (Will deVry) falls for the trap set for him. Alexis (Nancy Lee Grahn) wants to know where he’s going, but this shifty fellow is probably not going to be truthful. And one way or another, the truth will come out about the bomb that almost killed him and Liv Jerome’s presence in town. Perhaps this will begin the uncovering of Port Charles’ dirtiest little secret!

I Need Your Advice

Olivia (Lisa LoCicero) goes to Carly (Laura Wright) for counsel. Olivia has often looked to Carly for advice on navigating co-parenting with a father in the dangerous Port Charles underworld. The two huddle in the cold. Carly offers to tell her something, but she needs assurance Olivia will act like she doesn’t know it. Sounds complicated! When is anything with Carly or Olivia simple, right?

Can We Talk?

Jordan (Vinessa Antoine) looks less than contrite when she tells Andre (Anthony Montgomery) they need to talk. If it’s about her amorous stroll down memory lane with Curtis (Donnell Turner) the other day, that’s odd. Of course, Jordan has a history of romancing two men at once, so maybe it’s not.

Right Here, With You

Elizabeth (Rebecca Herbst) is at Franco’s (Roger Howarth) hospital bedside. Despite all his missteps, she still cares for him. She tells him there’s nowhere else she’d rather be than right next to him, clutching his hand and gazing into his eyes.

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