General Hospital Spoilers, Friday, February 24th: Think of Laura…Please!

Laura wonders how things might have played out in the General Hospital spoilers.

The General Hospital spoilers for Friday, February 24th, predict that Laura gets mixed up in a drama no one should be ensnared in.

Trapped in the Jerome Web

Friday, another person becomes nothing more than a dupe in the terribly high-stakes game Julian  (Will deVry) and Liv are playing: Laura (Genie Francis). She asks Alexis (Nancy Lee Grahn) if there could have been a different outcome to a troubling situation. Given all the dramas being played out in Port Charles these days, you’ll want to tune in to see just how this GH heroine fares.

The First Step Is Admitting You Need Help

Now that Hayden (Rebecca Budig) has an idea what exactly is plaguing her beau, Finn (Michael Easton). She’s determined to get him well. She tells him he needs help, and she’s going to see that he gets it. Finn doesn’t have an easy time admitting to himself, let alone anyone else, that he’s human and needs help, like all of us. But Hayden’s love may have been the missing ingredient in the past.

Mausoleums Can Be So Enlightening

In creepy news, Port Charles answer to Batman and Robin (but who’s Batman and who’s Robin?), Jason (Billy Miller) and Curtis (Donnell Turner) snoop around a mausoleum. They find something surprising. Earlier this week, Jason  floated the idea to Sonny (Maurice Benard) that Liv (Tonja Walker) may not be as dead as everyone had thought. Could what he and Curtis  find have something to do with proving she’s alive? Tune in to find out the details.

Sorry, In Her Own Lucy-ish Way

In a conference room at the hospital, a deeply distressed Tracy (Jane Elliott) listens as Lucy claims to be sad, but doesn’t exactly look it, when she says, “GH dies today.”


In the most disturbing GH spoiler of the day, Anna (Finola Hughes) slumbers in her hospital bed as a gloved hand pries open her room door holding a sharp, lethal-looking object.

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