General Hospital Recap, February 20th-24th: Health, Wealth, and Operating in Stealth

Her friends counsel Anna on her diagnosis in the General Hospital Spoilers. Photo courtesy of Soap Central.

By Joann Hernandez Skutches

The General Hospital weekly recap recalls that Anna’s is diagnosed with a rare cancer, Sam is kidnapped by Liv, Julian Sacrifices Ava for his family, and the Quartermaine fight to save GH.

Anna Has Cancer

Anna’s (Finola Hughes) symptoms grew increasingly worse, until she’s rushed to the hospital. She is stunned by Finn’s (Michael Easton) diagnosis of Polycythemia Vera, a slow-growing blood cancer in which one’s bone marrow produces too many red blood cells. This makes your blood thicken and cause blood clots, just like the one that made Anna collapse. She’s overwhelmed by Valentin’s (James Patrick Stuart) concern and attentions. This raises questions about their past. Thankfully, Robin (Kimberly McCullough) comes to town to take care of her.

Valentin Can’t Stay Away

Valentin has a secret past with Anna, but is keeping it from her. Anna’s WSB pal Karl Browning (J Downing) tells Anna that she put Valentin on a kill list but doesn’t explain why. Anna feels like she can’t trust this.

Nina Grows Suspicious

A stressed-out Nina (Michelle Stanford) finds Valentin in Anna’s hospital room. she isn’t comfortable with it. Valentin finds her and explain why he was with Anna. Nina seems upset and knows something isn’t right but accepts it. Still, his actions have her unnerved. She reports to the police that Anna broke into her home, despite Valentin saying he wouldn’t do anything about it. Dante (Dominic Zamprogna) approaches them and asks about the break-in at his house. His response is “I never filed a complaint.” But Nina says she did, and won’t changer her mind. Valentin convince her to drop it. She later regrets her actions.

Is Finn Finished?

Griffin (Matt Cohen) started to suspect something is wrong with Finn (Michael Easton).

While Hayden (Rebecca Budig) is becoming more suspicious about what’s going on with Finn, she turns to Griffin for answers. This is when she realizes that he is still addicted to Zen-Zen. She tries to convince Finn to get help, but Finn pushes her away. She decides she’ll try to get Tracy (Jane Elliott) to help her with the situation. Meanwhile Tracy informs her that Quartermaines are going to buy GH, so that it stays open and doesn’t get sold to the developers.

Liv Rages War with Julian

Liv (Tonja Walker) stays one step ahead of everyone. Her plans spellsdoom for Sam (Kelly Monaco) as Sam falls into a trap and ends up kidnapped by Liv who uses her to get revenge on Julian (William deVry). Jason (Billy Miller) has no idea what’s going.

Sam has to use her wits to protect her and the baby as Olivia corners her on a bridge, pulling a gun on her. Jason (Billy Miller) and Curtis (Donnell Turner). come to a startling realization at justt the right moment. Liv’s body isn’t in the family crypt.

Julian is Desperate

Julian tries to poison Liv but she turns the tables on him. He needs to get the GH Board members to sell, as she desperately wants the hospital. She tell him trying to poison her will cost him dearly. She orders him to get the Board to sell or pay with his life.

He meets with Board member Gray and realizes that he’s losing, so he puts more pressure on him Julian’s dark games takes a turn when he makes Laura (Genie Francis) a pawn in them. Rudge drugs her so she misses the Board meeting and can’t vote to save the hospital.

Ava is Abandoned by Julian

Ava (Maura West) is miserable in prison. She figured that she was set up and is frazzled by the thought that Sonny will have her killed while locked up. She doesn’t understand why Julian isn’t willing to help her, after she got him acquitted of killing Carlos. She disowns him for not helping he. He may have to sacrifice Ava to save Alexis (Nancy Lee Grahn) and his children. When everything comes out in the open, it will put her on a direct collision course to her big sis Liv, Julian fears.

Nelle’s Plans Are Interrupted

Nelle (Chloe Lanier) thinks she can out-wit Sonny by using against him the audio recording in which he admits sleeping with her. The whole situation weighs down on Sonny’s as Carly (Laura Wright) plans a romantic getaway while Jason convinces him that he should come clean about Nelle. Carly sends Nelle to set up the render-vous for her.

Meanwhile Michael (Chad Duell) show up to invite Nelle for lunch but she turns him down.He insists in taking her up to the cabin. A snowstorm traps them at the cabin, which makes Nelle open up to Michael and they grow closer. Nelle also feels some guilt about her plot to destroy his mother and ends up pushing Michael further away.

She has no idea that she’s also about to fall into Felicia (Kristina Wagner) and Bobbie’s (Jacklyn Zeman) trap. Felicia finds out that Nelle grew up in Florida, which is where Carly grew up with the Bensons. Because Michael explains to Nelle the story of BJ & Maxie, Nelle realizes the two are actually very close and that Felicia is working with Bobbie.

Ned Is Willing to Wait for Olivia

Ned (Wally Kurtth) propose to Olivia (Lisa LoCicero) with his grandmother’s ring, but it turns out that she doesn’t feel the same and runs out of the room. Ned later turns to Dante (Dominic Zamprogna) for his blessing and some advice. Ned tells Olivia he’s willing to wait for her for as long as she takes to accept his proposal.

The Quartermaines Work to Save GH

Ned and Olivia are at the Mansion on a romantic date when Tracy calls a family meeting. She asks Olivia to leave, but Ned tells his mother Olivia is staying. Tracy agrees to let her stay. Once everyone shows up, Tracy suggests to them that ELQ company should buy the hospital. She asks Michael if it’s possible. They start to figure it out, but Olivia comes up with a better plain. “Why don’t the Quartermaine family buy the hospital?” They all agree that its a great plain and calculate how each family member can help.

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