General Hospital February Sweeps: Tough Times Ahead for #Fayden?


“General Hospital” Co-Head Writers Shelly Altman and Jean Passanante talked about what we can expect for the Dr. Finn and Hayden coupling!

Finn/Hayden:  “His problems finally become impossible to ignore and it’s going to test his relationship with Hayden in a big way,” said the writers in the February Sweeps issue of “Soap Opera Digest.”

In the 2017 Preview Issue of “ABC Soaps In Depth,” Altman said even though  #Fayden won the literal fight of their lives, that does not mean there’s smooth sailing for this brooding coule.  “He’s a complicated guy, and we’ll find out just how complicated he really is…”

The February Sweeps of ABC SID reports, “Finn will struggle to conceal his growing drug addiction from both Hayden and TPTB at General Hospital.  Look for the situation to come to a head during a crisis!”

Brad Threatens Finn 

That brings us to Dr. Finn (Michael Easton) and his Zen-Zen lizard serum that is a by-product of Finn’s drug addiction. So, Dr. Finn has to deal with GH Lab Manager Brad (Parry Shen) leveraging him for a share of Zen-Zen’s profits.  Brad pressures Finn to put his name on the patent but Lucas (Ryan Carnes) overhears the tail end of the conversation and Brad once again goes back to his old ways to spin the truth to Lucas.

Saved by the Lizard…

As GH viewers, let us not forget the cure and serum for Zen-Zen came from Finn’s pet lizard Roxy.  We think Valentini and the writers named the lizard as an homage to Ilene’s Kristen character Roxy Balsom on “One Life to Live.”  Of course, we have not seen Roxy the Lizard in a while…we just have to imagine the cute little reptile is there when Finn is talking to it.

Well SC readers what have you thought of the #Fayden story so far…or would you rather prefer Finn morph into John McBain from OLTL and Hayden Barnes (Rebecca Budig) becomes Greenlee Dupres again from “All My Children?”

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