General Hospital February Sweeps: The Future of Tracy Q. and GH!

The “General Hospital” TPTB had a mouthful to say about Tracy and her upcoming storylines.

“General Hospital” Co-Head Writers Shelly Altman and Jean Passanante talked about what we can expect for the Tracy Q. and the future of GH!

Tracy to the Rescue

“Tracy will be heavily involved in the effort to save the hospital from being sold.  The salvation of General Hospital may prove to be a much bigger idea than originally thought,” said the writers to “Soap Opera Digest,” (SOD) in the February Sweeps issue!

Fights Erupt at GH

We know the future of GH itself is going to be a big storyline, as Hayden (Rebecca Budig) and Elizabeth (Rebecca Herbst) clash over budget cuts at GH. Also, next week Liz leads a fight with the nurses union against the hospital.

SOD Item About Jane Elliot? 
Once again, we are not able to find any additional info re: Tracy Q’s (Jane Elliott) story.  However, we are hearing from a blind item from the Sweeps issue of SOD that “one show is crafting an exit arc for a veteran star who is telling co-stars that they will not renew their contract when it expires this spring.” We hope it’s not Tracy, but could be. Have you heard anything about any of this, Soap Cities (SC) readers?

Check out Michael Logan’s Jane Elliot Interview Here

We at SC did a little digging, and found an interview where Jane Elliot talked about leaving “General Hospital” (GH) and retiring!  The interview was posted by Michael Logan in his April 5, 2o16 “TV Guide” Daytime column.

Will She Leave GH and Retire?

In this interview, Elliot talked about “anxiously” waiting to retire.  While she will miss GH and it will be hard, her kids are now grown and on their own.  She added, she no longer has a “hunger” for acting and that she can “actually retire with a pension from my union.”  As far as acting, she said, “I am full.  I am satiated.”  It may not seem like Jane  is retiring on screen because she gives “each script everything” she’s got.  She says, “I do look forward to the day when I can get on with my life. [Laughs] I am ready to hang up my panty hose!

What do you think, SC readers? Do you want to see more of Tracy Q. on-screen? Could she be the one hanging up her panty hose, so to speak, and leaving GH?

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