General Hospital February Sweeps: #Naxie Happily Ever After?


“General Hospital” Co-Head Writers Shelly Altman and Jean Passanante talked about what we can expect for the our beloved couple, Nathan and Maxie, aka #Naxie, in the February Sweeps issue of “Soap Opera Digest.”


“They are involved in Lulu’s story, and after this long and stormy road to the altar, we are going to celebrate their marriage and happiness and a bit,” teased the writers.

In the 2017 Preview Issue of ABC Soap In Depth, Passanante talked about how the Charlotte custody battle will impact Maxie and Nathan.  After all, Nina is Nathan’s sister and Charlotte’s step-mom!  “It’s an issue that impacts Maxie’s life in very real ways, because Nina is her boss and her sister-in-law!  Friendships will be tested.  And as usual, Maxie will make some mistakes in the name of trying to be a good friend to the people she cares about!” Passanante said.

To us, letting a couple celebrate their marriage and happiness equals back burner…and that is what may be happening, Soap Cities (SC) readers, as Ryan Paevey (Nathan West) takes several weeks off the show to film a new movie project.

Equally Green Pastures For Paevey–Just for a Bit

In an interview to Los Angeles TV station ABC7,  Paevey said #Naxie would be “happy and peaceful” for a little while.  Paevey also talked about how he was lucky to snag his GH role.

Paevey revealed in the interview he booked the lead in a new film that requires him to shoot on location in Kentucky for about a month.  “I am taking a very brief break from GH for a little while to go and be the villain for a change.”  There is no word yet on how Nathan’s absence will affect Maxie (Kirsten Storms) on the show.  It is also possible, Paevey may have pretaped his scenes so his absence will not be felt.

You can view Paevey’s  Los Angeles ABC7 interview below.

More Than Acting

Paevey also mentioned he is also a motorcycle enthusiast and nature photographer.  You can buy his prints on his website.  You can also find his jewelry line there as well.  Lucky for us Paevey fans, both his photographs and jewelry are available for purchase at his website.  So, definitely go take a look.

So dear readers, how do you feel about #Naxie possibly being back-burnered?  Do you think they deserve to be happy and take a break from the show, or would you rather see them in a heavy storyline together?

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