General Hospital February Sweeps: #Jasam, Danger & Diapers!

Two favorite “General Hospital” duos lives’ will get complicated this month!

“General Hospital” Co-Head Writers Shelly Altman and Jean Passanante spoke about what we can expect on how Jason & Sam team up to help Sonny during February Sweeps!

Jason/Sam:  “Jason has gotten involved in Sonny’s orbit in his efforts to clear his friend.  Despite Julian’s suggestion that they drop this investigation, there is absolutely no way he is going to do that, nor will he find Julian the ideal partner moving forward!  Jason has ideas of how to get to the bottom of whats going on, with Curtis and Sam’s help,” said the co-head writers in the February Sweeps issue of “Soap Opera Digest” (SOD).

A Dangerous Game!

Sonny (Maurice Benard) made an unlikely alliance with Griffin (Matt Cohen), so he could move around the hospital and put his plan with Jason (Billy Miller) in motion.  Our “heroes” knew Julian (Will deVry) would also be at GH for a follow-up visit for his injuries from Alexis (Nancy Lee Grahn) running him him over.  “Jason and Sonny arrange[d]for Julian to walk in on them fighting.  They want[ed]Julian to walk away with the impression that Jason has called off the investigation into the car bombing.”

Staged Argument

The “staged argument” between the two best friends was an opportunity for them to speak their minds.  Jason privately made it clear no matter what the end result of the investigation into Morgan’s death is, he will not “resort to violence on Sonny’s behalf,” said Altman.  And it sort of [spoke]to what might be next for these two longtime friends once this mystery is solved!”

Sam’s Stand

Where does our pregnant Sam stand in all us this hoopla? Jason has tried to get Sam (Kelly Monaco) to go to a safe house, but he should know his pretty moll better.  She will refuse to leave!  Altman defended Sam’s pregnant character:  “That is part of the reason she doesn’t want to leave!  She doesn’t want to be away from her doctor, and she doesn’t want to be isolated.  Plus she wisely points out that she’s not the only one in danger.  What are they going to do, move everyone Jason and Sonny care about into a safe house?  That would mean Danny and Alexis and Carly and Michael.  The list goes on and on!  Sam realizes just how impractical this would really be!”

Passanante sums it up best in ABC Soaps In Depth (SID) : “[Sam] trusts in herself, her instincts, and Jason.  They are in this together, no matter where it leads!”

What’s Next for #JaSam?

Could #Jasam’s March baby actually arrive early during February sweeps?! Laughed Passanante in ABC SID, “It’s certainly possible that the baby could come a little early!”  But what will having a second child mean for Port Charles’ most adventurous couple?  While they are not Ozzie & Harriet, the writer said the couple will need to reconcile the expectations of raising a newborn and a toddler while still being true to who they are.

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