EXCLUSIVE: Will DeVry – The Biggest GH Fan of All??

Will DeVryq
Will DeVry at GH Weekend Fantasy Event


One of the most friendliest and chattiest awards of GH Fantasy Club Weekend goes to actor Will DeVry who plays Julian Jerome on General Hospital.  Many fans asked DeVry to show of his impressive physique and asked him to take his shirt off.  His wry reply:  “That’s what my photos are for,” and believe me, we got one of those photos to share 😉

Will DeVry
WillDeVry Shirtless Autographed Picture

He might seem intimidating, but Will is very friendly and approachable upon meeting him in person.  Not only does he take the time to talk to you, but he is also an amazing selfie taker with us fans!

Will DeVry
Selfie with Will DeVry

GH Fantasy Weekend Fun with Will DeVry!

Most actors don’t like to watch themselves, let alone watch the TV show they’re in.  This is not the case for Will!  During his time on stage with fellow GH actors, he showed he also watched theirs scenes in addition to his!

His fellow actors at GH Fantasy Weekend included:  Robert Palmer Watkins (Dillon Quartermaine), Laura Wright (Carly Corinthos), Jeffrey Vincent Parise (ex-Carlos/Joe Rivera), Bryan Craig (ex-Morgan Corinthos), Finola Hughes (Anna Devane), and Hayley Erin (Kiki Jerome).

Fun Q&A with Will DeVry!

Will had no problem interjecting himself on stage to interact with the other actors or ask them questions based on the scenes they had shot.  He even asked Finola a question about a scene she shot with James Patrick Stuart (Valentin Cassadine) about what was emotionally going through her mind.  The actors remarked about how much Will knew about their scenes and how he is the “biggest GH fan!”

Will had no problem answering fans’ questions on behalf of others, especially when in it comes to recasts.  Will talked about Emme Rylan and settling into the role of Lulu Spencer.  He said the transition was “difficult” for her with “lots of crying.”

While Julian killing Carlos was a memorable scene for Jeffrey Vincent Parise, it was a difficult scene for Will to shoot.  He explained how he wasn’t comfortable with the scene as originally directed.  Will felt Julian was close to Carlos and should hug him while he stabbed him instead of shaking hands. Unfortunately, the camera went to a close up and didn’t pick that up at the right angle, so it was a “hard scene to shoot.”  Will revealed the scene was shot three times and wasn’t as good as he hoped.

AMC/OLTL Crossovers?

Regarding the question on All My Children (AMC) and One Life to Live (OLTL) crossovers, Will asked the fans if they were against them since many GH fans don’t want them.  Will got an immediate reaction showing the fans in attendance did want the AMC/OLTL crossovers whenever possible!

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