Days of Our Lives February Sweeps: Eric’s Familiar, New Face

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“Days of Our Lives” February sweeps spoilers tease that the return of Eric Brady will be a fascinating journey. His portrayer, Greg Vaughan, is poised to take us on an inner and outer quest with this Salem legacy character.

Looking back and Looking Ahead

“After several unexpected visitors, Eric wrestles with the possibility of leaving his life of isolation and returning to Salem,” “Days of Our Lives” (Days) Executive Producer, Ken Corday, told Soap Opera Digest in its latest print issue. “This is a changed Eric, and one that will be able to reintegrate to Salem, back into the fold.”

Clearly, encountering Hope (Kristian Alfonso) was an important development in the story of Eric’s (Greg Vaughan) reintroduction to Salem. He can see he needs his family and his hometown. They’re big parts of who he is, parts of why he’s put on this Earth (aside from to be eye candy–meow!). Also, helping people heal is what fulfills him, makes him content.

Who Says You Can’t Go Home Again?

Eric may have left Salem with his head hung low and feeling hopeless. Prison obviously did a number on Father Eric, seeming to suck the joy out of him. We at Soap Cities have high hopes for his return, though.

Eric’s reunion with Jennifer (Melissa Reeves) was very telling. Even in a public place where he could be discovered and forced to come out of hiding, he was drawn to her. We loved when he stroked Jennifer’s face tenderly. We think these two are headed for a new soap supercouple-dom, as each continues to find himself/herself after going through troubled times.

We think Eric will re-embrace service to his community, as foreshadowed recently by the flashback in which he recalled to Hope how he helped a suicidal young woman. Perhaps he’ll rejoin the priesthood, but he could also do a number of other things: open a home for troubled youth, a soup kitchen, a counseling service for prison inmates that focuses on rehabilitation instead of punishment.

What do you think, Soap Cities readers?!

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