Bold and the Beautiful Recap, January 30th to February 3rd: Fireworks and Firebrands

The “Bold and the Beautiful” recap: sexy fantasies and harsh realities!

By Joann Hernandez Skutches

“Bold and the Beautiful” Recap: suspicions and fractures at Forrester, blissful newlyweds, bitter family members, a hot and bothered Quinn, and the return of the Spectras!

Forrester Mansion 

Katie (Heather Tom) asks if she’s interrupting something between Quinn (Rena Sofer) and Ridge (Thorsten Kaye). Gasping for air Quinn ask Katie’s reason to be in the house. Katie smoothly replies she was in the kitchen helping Pam. Ridge blurts out that Eric (John McCook) is think of making him co-CEO. Katie understands this is Quinn’s behind it. While wondering what’s the change of heart between them, and ventures on the reason for it. Quinn asks Ridge to show Katie out, and asks her not to come back unless she’s invited. Once alone, Katie warns Ridge to be careful and not to fall for Quinn’s beguiling ways. They squabble about whether she has power over Eric. Katie tells Ridge that she talked to Brooke ( Katherine Lang), whom he’s going to marry, and Brooke is excited about their future together. As Quinn listens in on their conversation, while Katie expresses that she always has ulterior motives, and reminds him of her history. “Getting too close to Quinn…it’s like the kiss of death.” Ridge turns the tables by questioning Katie’s close relationship with Eric. Katie admits she’s concerned about him and feels Quinn doesn’t know how good she’s got it. “If I had a man like that in my life…” They warn each other to be careful.  After Katie exits, Quinn imagines going downstairs in a silk robe. She pictures Ridge telling her Katie was right about her being dangerous, beguiling, and pulling her into a passionate kiss. Quinn gasps and snaps out of it, and watches as Ridge leaves the house.

The Malibu Beach House

Liam (Scott Clifton) and Steffy (Jacquline M. Woods) are snuggling. He says, “My ring will never come off.” They tease how opposite they are, but both are sucker for happy endings. They talk about their past weddings. Steffy says she can’t wait to be his wife again. The talk turns to where to get married, and what to do about Quinn. Liam feels there’s nothing anyone can do to stop them now. He wonders why Steffy chose him over Wyatt (Darin Brooke). Steffy doesn’t need someone edgy and exciting. She knows she’s the center of Liam’s world. He confirms she always will be. They kiss and have sex on the couch. After, Liam tells Steffy he remembers his vows at their previous ceremonies, and he’ll remember everything he says at their third and final wedding, the wedding to last a lifetime.

EL Giardino Restaurant

Zende (Rome Flynn) tells Thomas (Pierson Fode) that being away gave him time to think about securing a future, while making things right with Nicole (Reign Edwards). Thomas isn’t pleased that Steffy was made CEO while he was away in New York. He missed his opportunity to be considered for the position. Thomas suggests it may be time to make his own plans, feeling he’s proven himself. Zende advises him to hang in there. Once alone, a beautiful redheaded sitting nearby offers him a drink and tells him to cheer up, which he declines. She asks what’s got him down. Thomas shares that it’s family issues, they’re in the fashion business.

Forrester Creations

The next day, Nicole and Steffy are in the office talking, Steffy feels she has many blessings in her life right now, and is thankful to be where she is. She’s relieved that she made up with her grandfather, who put his faith in her to run the company. She also comments how Thomas has issues with her promotion, but she doesn’t want him to feel that he was overlooked.

Ridge arrives at Forrester and breaks the news to Steffy that Eric (John McCook) wants him to be co-CEO with her. “We’ll be a team.” Steffy learns it was Quinn’s idea. Ridge confirms Eric forgave him; the family is back together. Ridge has to call Thomas before making it official. Ridge and Steffy embrace and look forward to creating their own legacy as co-CEOs.

Elsewhere, Zende snaps photos of Nicole while she works and talks about her being Forrester’s hottest new executive, she says she’s not one yet. Zende tells Nicole he cut his trip short because he missed her. He regrets hurting her and still loves her. “You are it for me. I will fight for our future,” he says.

El Giardino Restaurant

Thomas answers a call from Ridge asking him to meet him at the office. He says goodbye to the redhead, who says her name is Sally. She realizes he’s a Forrester. He asks her last name, but she says it’s not important. Once alone she closes out her tab. “The name is Sally Spectra (Courtney Hope).” Meanwhile, her Great Aunt Sally calls, she urges her grandniece to get on with saving the Spectra Fashions building from the wrecking ball and tells her she’s a talented designer. Sally replies, “Will do, Auntie.” Next, Sally’s grandmother shows up, Shirley Spectra (Patrika Darbo). Sally informs her they’re going to Spectra Fashions.

At Forrester Creations

Ridge welcomes back Brooke (Katherine Kelly Lang), who asks about his plan to get rid of Quinn. He announces he’s the new co-CEO with Steffy. Brooke is thrilled but asks if Eric had a change of heart. He admits it was Quinn’s idea. Brooke is stunned. Ridge claims she did it for his father, and says, “All’s well that ends well.”

Elsewhere, Steffy questions Quinn about Ridge but assures her grandfather that she’s excited working alongside her father. Quinn falters and says that she did this to bring the family together for Eric. While the rest are outside the office assembled for the meeting. Once the meeting starts, Thomas is off to the side. Eric starts the meeting recalling past problems revolving around their history with Sally Spectra ripping them off. Brooke recalls how Sally would have spies, and how she scheduled her shows just before theirs. Eric mentions it because he saw in newspaper that the Spectra Building is being torn down. He announces changes: Steffy will share her CEO position with Ridge. Rick (Jacob Young) Thomas express their disappointment, but Eric reminds them how valuable their are to company. Steffy confirms she’s pleased work with her father. Eric also brings up Brooke’s contributions to the company. Ridge strokes Brooke’s arm. Quinn seems upset.

After, Rick, Zende, Maya (Karla Mosley), Nicole, & Thomas reassemble by Pam’s (Ally Mills) desk. She wonders why they are disappointed. Thomas asks, “Why did Quinn help Ridge?” Meanwhile, Eric assures Quinn she could never let him down. In another office, Ridge gets frisky with Brooke. She is confused about the new dynamic between him and Quinn. Ridge reassures Brooke, while flashing back to the kiss. Later, they exalt over his promotion. She’s shocked that he has Quinn to thank for it. She wonders what changed in their interaction and what happened between them while she was gone. Then she warns Ride to keep his guard up with Quinn.

Elsewhere, Pam wonders why everyone’s so bummed out, it’s a family business, and it’s only a title. While Thomas, Rick & Maya are brooding. Quinn enters saying Eric is confident that the co-CEO are the ones to lead them. The attack her while wondering why she hand-picked CEOs for their company.

After, the angry trio considers that maybe it’s time to consider leaving Forrester Creations. The discuss how creepy they find it that Quinn and Ridge are suddenly supporting each other,and they wonder what changed. Thomas feels their something definitely going on. In the hall, Pam tells Quinn she sees what she’s trying to do, bring the family back together. If they can do it, then the rest will follow and are bound to come around eventually!

Later, Quinn watches, unseen, as Ridge and Brooke make out and talk about celebrating at home later. After, Quinn gets Ridge alone. He senses something is bothering her. She blurts out that she saw them kissing. Ridge asks if she was spying on them. Quinn assures him she wasn’t, but makes him promise not to tell Brooke their secret. Brooke overhears and demands to know what’s going on between them. “Tell me. Now!”

The Spectra Fashions Building

Sally is victorious. Still doubtful CJ (Mick Cain) agrees to give her six months to revive the company. He clarifies the only reason he’s doing so is that they’re family. Sally declares they will save the Spectra family legacy. CJ reminds her she needs a bankroll, designers, and sewers. Sally instructs him to take a photo of her at her new desk. CJ tells Sally that his mom was Spectra Fashions, and doing this without her is risky. He talks about Sally’s energy and spirit and flashes back to his mother through the years at work. Sally thinks she’s a living legend. “I won’t let her down.”

Later, Sally and Shirley begin interviewing prospective tailors. Three are line up, but the last is Saul Feinberg (Alex Wyse), who gets flustered at the sight of Sally. He explains that tailoring is his life. He’s following in his grandfather’s footsteps. Saul gets the job. Sally gushes, “I got my Saul!” While cleaning, Sally insists the 1980s are coming back strong and so is Spectra. Shirley points out she’s never designed a line before. Sally wants her to buck up and be supportive; they’re going to come out on top.

The Malibu Beach House

Bill (Don Diamont) comes to visit Liam and Steffy. He is informed that Ridge is co-CEO, thanks to Quinn. Bill says “Don’t they hate each other?” Steffy says since their trip to San Francisco things changed. During dinner, Bill wants to plan an engagement party. Wyatt will have to adjust to things. He hopes that his sons can working together at Spencer. Liam thinks Bill has ulterior motives for inviting Ridge, because it means that Brooke will be there. He will ever give up on Brooke, confident that Ridge absolutely will screw it up. “We will start our life together, our destiny.”

At EL Giardino Restaurant

Thomas bumps into Sally, and learns she’s Sally Spectra. She wonders if he has a problem with that.

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