Y&R February Sweeps: Rebel Without a Cause!!


The Young and the Restless” producer Mal Young spoke about what we can expect for Victoria & Billy (aka Villy) during February Sweeps!

Billy/Victoria/Reed:  “As charming as he is, Victoria sees Billy as a distraction right now.  Having son Reed under her roof, along with two younger children, ads a completely new dynamic to her life as a mother and an entrepreneur.  Victoria will discover that Reed is more of a handful for her than Billy ever was!” Young told “Soap Opera Digest” in its latest print issue.

We at Soap Cities love seeing a 15-year-old teen on the Genoa City canvas, because it is very rare we get to see a single mom (albeit a multi-millionaire one!) raising a teen dropped on her doorstep while also being a mother to tw0 small children.

Teens of this generation (or is it every generation?!),  tend to sulk, act out, claim they are misunderstood, and experiment with sex at a young age.  Victoria’s (Amelia Heinle) oldest, recently SORAS’ed son Reed Hellstrom (Tristan Lake Leabu) is no exception!

So far, we have seen the young teen skip school, play his guitar at the house very loudly, sneak a drink at the Newman family dinner at The Top of the Tower, and get caught sneaking in a girl and making out with her while he was supposed to be babysitting his two younger siblings!  And this is all during his first week on the show!!

Now, we cannot completely blame the young teen for his actions.  For some reason, Victoria has allowed her ex, JT Hellstrom to have complete control of the Reed’s life and for the most part be an absentee parent.  You would think with her being a multi-millionairess, and her father being the billionaire Victor Newman, the kid would have had a bi-coastal (so to speak) upbringing that included the perks of being a rich Newman grandson!

It makes no sense our Vicky is intimidated by her teenage son.  For a rich heiress, one would think she could have all the resources in the world to take care of her son and two small children.  Instead of a house modeled on “Father Knows Best,” how about a mansion at the Newman Ranch with an open floor plan that allows her to have a live-in nanny instead of an unreliable babysitter?

While I digress, let’s not forget about the Billy (Jason Thompson) factor.  In Friday’s episode Reed called his mom an “Ice Queen” and “mean” for her treatment of Billy.  If Vicky would just open her eyes, maybe she would see bringing back Billy into the fold for some lovin’ and support might be the best move she might ever make!  I think having Reed can only bring Villy closer instead of tearing them apart!

That’s what we think!  What do you think?!

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