Y&R February Sweeps: Fenmore’s Follies


The Young and the Restless” producer Mal Young spoke about what boardroom antics we can expect at Jabot & Fenmore’s during February Sweeps!

Lauren/Jack/Phyllis/Gloria:  “When Lauren (Tracy Bregman) accepts Jack’s (Peter Bergman) offer to invest in Fenmore’s, Jack will have difficulty letting Lauren run the show. And the feud between Ashley (Eileen Davidson) and Phyllis (Gina Tononi) heats up when Ashley is forced to work under the same roof as Phyllis.  Gloria (Judith Chapman) will not be left out in the cold and inserts herself front and center,” Young told “Soap Opera Digest” in its latest print issue.

We at SC are loving the possibilities of this boardroom and romantic intrigue in this umbrella story focusing on the Abbotts & Fishers, with a dash of Phyllis Summers Newman Abbott thrown in for good measure!

Jack/Phyllis/Gloria:  Based on Y&R’s latest episode and upcoming spoilers, Jack and Glo will hit the sack after they drown their sorrows about Fenmore’s at the Top of the Tower.  Talk about keeping it all in the family!  How is this going to affect the dynamics of his having 49% of Fenmore’s and her demands she has a corner office job??  Will she use their torrid tryst to blackmail Jack into giving her the career she has always wanted?  While Phyllis begins online dating thanks to ex-husband Nick Newman, how will she react when she finds about Jack & Gloria’s hook up?

The Fenmore Gang:  Of course, things at the office will get complicated when Phyllis and Ashley work together with IT guru Ravi (Abhi Sinha) in the Jabot offices to synergize the Jabot Go & Fenmore apps.  Coming back to the Jabot building will also once again put Phyllis back in Jack’s orbit… We have already seen the smoldering glances between the two every time they are in the same room.

We at SC can’t wait to see how this character driven drama and intrigue play out in Genoa City during February Sweeps!  That’s what we think!

What do you think?

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