How “Will and Grace” Gives Us Hope About AMC and OLTL


NBC last week made official what fans of former sitcom “Will and Grace” (W&G) had hoped to hear for months. They ordered new episodes of the wildly popular sitcom. We at Soap Cities say, if that beloved show can come back, why can’t “All My Children” (AMC) “One Life to Live” (OLTL) and other canceled soaps?

The Fabulous Four Will Be at It Again

The Peacock Network will air ten new episodes of W&G during the upcoming broadcast TV season, reported NBC’s revival of the sitcom got a push in the right direction after the series regulars reunited for an online mini-episode encouraging people to vote for Hillary Clinton just before last year’s presidential election. That video has over 6 million views on YouTube.

All four of W&G’s principal players, Eric McCormack, Debra Messing, Sean Hayes, and Megan Mulally won Emmys for their portrayal of the hilarious foursome of New York City pals.

How the Sitcom’s Reappearance Could Mean Great Things Ahead in Daytime

NBC’s willingness to reinvest in a show that once enjoyed great popularity among viewers could encourage fellow broadcast network ABC (not to mention CBS) to do the same with AMC and OLTL. The Alphabet Network has once again secured the rights to those shows after a prolonged legal battle with production company Prospect Park.

The W&G revival shows that fans should never say never if they love their shows. Especially in daytime, anything is possible.

AMC and OLTL Could Follow Suit

Soap Cities (SC) has written about the movement to resurrect two of our favorite daytime dramas, AMC and OLTL. The Facebook group “Save AMC and OLTL” has detailed what fans can do to make sure those shows come back and how the movement to see this happens is going. We’ll keep you updated on this fight in the future too.

If fans show we’re interested in seeing our dear daytime sudsers back on the air and that we’ll watch if they return, ABC could very well grant our wishes and return them to our screens.

In the upcoming weeks, check back with SC for updates on simple but powerful tasks you can perform to have our Pine Valley and Llanview families back in our lives again.

Give us your input in the comment section below. Check back with Soap Cities for more AMC/OLTL news, updates, fun, and more! Follow us on Twitter at @soapcities, on Instagram at @soapcities, and come chat with us in our Facebook group. “All My Children” and “One Life to Live” will one day be back on-screen—never doubt!

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