Actor Joseph Ferrante to Debut as Deimos Co-Conspirator on Days


Actor Joseph Ferrante took to social media to let “Days of Our Lives” fans know that he will star in a short-lived role in Salem.

Dancing With a Devil

Ferrante will play Marcus, who will work with Deimos (Vincent Irizarry) in one of the wacky schemes he always has going, reported Serial Scoop. Lately Deimos been involved in some malfeasance down at the docks. He also just got engaged to Nicole (Arianne Zucker), and love rarely goes smoothly in Salem.

Of course, Days tapes six months in advance, so Marcus could play into a Deimos adventure we know nothing about yet.

An Actor’s Excitement

“Officially on board for an episode, playing MARCUS. Filming at the end of the month!
#daysofourlives #nbc,” he Ferante posted to his Instagram account.

A leaked auction tape was posted online of another actor auditioning for the role, but it’s since been deleted. You can read a transcript of the audition by following the Serial Scoop link above.

An Impressive Resume

Ferrante has a host of film and television credits under his belt.

He plays Detective Snow in “Labryinth.” The upcoming movie stars Johnny Depp and Forest Whitaker. Ferrante plays Detective Snow. The movie also stars soap vet Obba Babatunde (Julius Avant).

Critics and awards committees lauded “Amexica,” another film he starred in. The live action short centered on human trafficking.

The actor has also appeared in the YouTube video, “Shit Italian Moms Say.” It has over 4 million views on the video sharing site.

The handsome actor has also appeared in many print ads and TV commercials.

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  1. I noticed you mentioned that Ferrante leaked his audition tape. It was actually Myles Forster as was reported and shared on multiple other Soaps News outlets. I can’t imagine that is looked too fondly on by the networks or Soaps and think it unfair that it was attributed to Ferrante. May want to fact check that, and set the record straight.

    Hoping they expand Ferrante’s stay in Salem after having seen him in other roles.

    • Akbi Khan

      Thank you Nic C., I actually did know that, and I didn’t realize the way I wrote it implied that Ferrante leaked it. Will correct.

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