Lauren’s Son Scott Headed Back to Y&R


Lauren’s son Scott Grainger is set to return to Genoa City, though “The Young and the Restless” (Y&R) is remaining tight-lipped about the character’s first airdate. Actor Daniel Hall will portray him.

A Legacy Character, But With a New Face 

Y&R recast the role of Lauren’s (Tracey Bregman) son with actor Daniel Hall. We last saw Scott in 2006, then portrayed by Blair Redford.

Hall has begun working on-set, but Y&R has yet to hint at what Scott will be up to this time around on the CBS sudser, reported Soap Opera Digest.

Perhaps he’ll be helping mom out with her attempt to keep Fenmore’s in the black and in her hands. Of course, he may also have some juicy, soapy drama of his own in the works.

The Prodigal Son

Scott’s father is Dr. Scott Grainger, whom Lauren married in 1989. After a classic daytime drama baby-switch storyline involving Sheila Carter (ex-Kimberlin Brown), Lauren and baby Scott reunited. Eventually Scott moved to Toronto to pursue a graduate degree in Education, specializing in creative writing.

A Writer’s Return, Followed by a Son’s Return

Sally Sussman late last year took over head writing duties at Y&R. She had previously held writing positions at the CBS sudser as well. She told Michael Fairman of her plans to concentrate on six classic Y&R characters, and to bring Lauren and Jill back to the forefront of the story canvas.

“She will return to the feisty and clever Lauren we knew,” Sussman said of Bregman’s fan favorite character.

They say the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. So, Scott could very well be up to some deliciously dramatic business now that he’s back in town.

A Daytime Alum and Hollywood Renaissance Man

Hall played Jake/Jack on “Guiding Light” from 2007-2009.

In addition to many other acting credits, he has served as writer, director, and producer on several short films.

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  1. I have several comments. The writers need to stop giving Sharon Case so many young lovers because all of them have been too young for her, especially Scot. She needs to be by herself for a while because she’s only a few years from being 50 years old. Lily who plays Cain’s wife has no clue on how to name babies. She named her daughter Matilda, she named Cain’s baby boy Sam. Please do not let Lily name anymore children for all of our sakes!!!!! I don’t like the new Phyllis, she appears too devious, I don’t like her incestous behavior-going with brothers!!

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