Industry Publication Offers Up Some Suggestions to Save Days


Another TV industry media outlet had some thoughts on how the powers that be at “Days of Our Lives” (Days) could make changes to ensure our Salem family sticks around for long time to come.

A Prescription to Heal What Ails It

There are six things Days can do to ensure NBC renews it amidst some big upcoming changes at the network, such as the debut of Megyn Kelly’s news show, reported Soap Cities recently wrote of why rumors of a Days cancellation to make way for Kelly’s show were unfounded. But it never hurts to have a plan in place should things take an unwelcome turn.

The TV news source’s recommendations are as follows:

  1. Trim the cast. There’s a lot going on over in Salem these days. TV Line proposed that whittling down the amount of storylines would allow writers to focus the show on telling more complex, fleshed-out stories.
  2. Enhance production quality. Days already seems to be going in this direction with new sets to appear soon. TV Line cited a focus on high standards in production as one of the reasons “The Young and the Restless” remains at the top in ratings.
  3. Stay relevant. No more storylines like that of the Orwell device. They are dated and don’t rope in viewers.
  4. Alter the six-month-ahead taping schedule. Though Days initially instituted this unusual measure to cut costs and help keep the show around, it prevents show runners  from making changes in response to what is or isn’t working when these facts become apparent.
  5. More “love in the afternoon,” a hallmark of soaps. Because romance is a classic, much-appreciated feature of the soap genre, emphasizing this would surely increase ratings and viewer loyalty.
  6. Get Sami (Alison Sweeney) and EJ (James Scott) back! Days must pull out all the stops to get these fan favorites back, TV Line said. The return of show favorites has a good chance of happening now that Ron Carlivati has been named its head writer. While top scribe at “General Hosptial,” Carlivati mined show history and brought back many of the soap’s classic characters, possibly saving that sudser from the chopping block as well.

A New Year, a New Show

Days just this week announced that Carlivati is its new head writer. His hiring could lead to just the kind of fresh, out-of-the-box thinking that would ensure NBC does what we and so many of the show’s fans want: save Days!

Stay Tuned

Check back with Soap Cities in the coming weeks for more on this important topic, including what you can do as a fan to safeguard Salem.

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