General Hospital Spoilers, Wednesday, February 1st: Just in Time for Jason


“General Hospital” (GH) spoilers for Wednesday, February 1st reveal an hour when Sam is in a serious rush and Alexis decides to stay the course.

Why Didn’t She Know Sooner?!

Sam (Kelly Monaco) makes a beeline for the hospital tomorrow to be by Jason’s (Billy Miller) bedside. She was distracted by Franco’s disappearance for a bit. But nothing is going to keep this loyal wife from risking losing Jason again. After all, they are the loves of each others’ lives, share a son, and have another baby on the way.

You Got It Backwards, Missy!

Nina (Michelle Stafford) accuses Anna of being “obsessed” with Valentin (James Patrick Stuart). Anna (Finola Hughes) corrects her. Special Agent Devane says, no, Valentin is the one obsessed with her!

He Said, He Said

Jason and Sonny (Maurice Benard) have had their differences lately. For example, Sonny had to convince Jason to stay mum about the Nelle (Chloe Lanier) situation. Tomorrow their views on another subject diverge as well. Sonny often hints around that he wants Jason back in “the business,” while Jason protests that his family is too important to him to risk his life that way. Even in his vulnerable, hospitalized position he knows this.

Nelle Has Woven One Heck of a Web of Lies

Nelle truly has feelings for Michael (Chad Duell). So when he tells her that Carly (Laura Wright) told him Nelle was seeing someone else, she’s going to have to be very careful in her response! That “someone else” is Sonny, after all!

Recovery Requires Resolve

Since admitting she is an alcoholic, Alexis (Nancy Lee Grahn) has flirted with the idea of drinking, even talking to bottles of booze in the process. But Port Charles’ favorite legal eagle is nothing if not capable of steely determination. Wednesday she commits to maintaining sobriety, and by extension, getting her whole life back in order.

They say your first year in recovery makes you vulnerable in many ways. Unfortunately, Alexis’ 12-step sponsor has some hidden motives beyond helping her stay clean.

Not so fast, sponsor. This shrewd GH heroine is trained to see right through BS. Of course, Julian (Will deVry) managed to snow her, so let’s just hope Alexis sees her sponsor’s true intent.

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