General Hospital Recap, Tuesday, January 10: Fires, Fights, and Finding Out


In today’s General Hosptial recap Sam questions Ava, Franco want answers from Alexis, Jason and Curtis get caught in the fiery pawnshop, Bobby and Nelle are at it again.

Nelle Is in a Pickle or Two

At the Metro Court, Carly (Laura Wright) daydreams about making love to Sonny (Maurice Benard). Bobbie (Jacklyn Zeman) suddenly gets her out of it. Carly admits to her mother that she’s trying things work out with Sonny. Nelle advises Carly she should take some time off and go pick up Joss in Australia, so that she can talk to her regarding Sonny. Carly likes the idea. She ask Nelle to book the flight. After arrangements are made, Bobbie comes over to talk to Nelle (Chloe Lanier). Nelle tells Bobbie that all she been doing is helping Carly, but Bobbie is having nothing to do with it.She feels that Nelle is sticking her nose in where it doesn’t belong. Nelle tells Bobbie she  has no right to judge her. Bobbie, says, “Well, the real Nelle has finally showed up. We can finally talk.” She tells Nelle her past is not a secret and that dig isn’t going to wound her. As Bobbie storms off she tells Nelle to watch her stop, because Bobbie knows Nell is up to something. Sonny calls Nelle and tells her they have to talk. Later Carly runs into Bobbie and ask her to watch over Michael and Sonny. Bobbie agrees. Bobbie tells Carly to have a safe flight as the hug goodbye. Ask Carly walks away, Bobbie says to herself, “I’lll take care of your family and take out the trash too.”

Carly, Sonny, and Nelle–Oh, My

At Sonny’s, Diane (Carolyn Hennessy) arrives to prep Sonny for his upcoming trial. He explains to her that he’s not worried, because Jason (Billy Miller) is working on it. She reminds him that there is a new DA that wants to bring him down. Diane wants to know if Carly will be on his side. After she leaves, Carly shows up to let him know that she’s planning on pickup Joss. Sonny tells her about using his illness as his defense, and Carly agrees. Carly tells Sonny that it was Nelle who thought of it. Sonny says that Nelle needs to get a life! Carly tells Sonny that Nelle is seeing a married man. After Carly leaves to pack, Sonny calls Nelle and demands that come right over. When she arrives, he says they have to come to a new understanding.

Burn, Baby, Burn

At Rudge’s (David Lee) pawn shop, Jason and Curtis (Donnell Turner) break in to an back room. On the boss’ desk, Jason finds and pockets a photo of a blonde child that resembles Danny or Jake. Curtis discovers a Chinese reincarnation symbol. As smoke pours through the vents, they are suddenly locked in. The place is on fire! Jason uses his jacket to cover the vents while Curtis uses one of Jason’s credit card to pop open the locked door.

I Know What You Did Last Summer

At Ava’s (Maura West) Apartment, Sam (Kelly Monaco) drops in to see her father, but find his personal items no longer in his room. She wonders where her father is staying. Sam tells Ava that she has questions for her and Julian (William DeVry), while Ava tries to make her leave. Ava says she had nothing to do with Morgan’s death. Sam fills Ava in about Rudge, and claims Ava is his boss. Sam says Ava is trying to take out both Julian and Sonny to  get back on top of the mob heap. Ava can’t stop laughing in Sam’s face and making fun of her as she pushes her out. She leaves a message warning Julian about the visit from Sam. She says whatever he’s involved in is about to come crashing down on him.

Franco Confronts Alexis

Meanwhile, at the roadhouse, Franco (Roger Howarth) finds a picture on social media of Alexis (Nancy Lee Grahn) drinking with Tom Baker the night of his murder. Scott (Kin Shriner) says it doesn’t prove anything. but that there are a lot of questions. Franco is wondering why Alexis is coming around to the bar, so he goes to look for some answers.

Over at Alexis’ house, while freaking out, Alexis confesses to Julian that she killed Tom Baker. Julian asks her what happened, while trying to keep her calm. She says I asked you not to move in, but you did it anyway.  She says, “You have all this leverage. I left Ava’s to have one more night of freedom, before I had to be your nurse. She says she had to get away so she ended up at that bar and Tom was there. It wasn’t the first time that I met him. But when she met him before she didn’t know he was the one that raped Elizabeth (Rebecca Herbst). He came onto Alexis, she rejected him, but he followed her. She ended up in a alley, and he was there. She told him to leave her alone. She remembers screaming. Tom was holding the knife at her but managed to get away from him. Alexis tells Julian she doesn’t remember the complete details of what happened. Alexis informs Julian that the police are looking at Franco as a suspect. Julian points out that she might not have killed him. It could’ve been Franco. Franco knocks on the door. Julian hides, and Alexis let’s Franco in. Franco tells her that he is there to talk about Tom Baker, but she pretends she doesn’t know Tom. Franco tells her he is in a bind with the police and asks for her help. She says she’s not practicing law and advises him to get Scott’s help. I’m not asking you for your professional services, Franco says, as he makes a reference to her drinking. He wants Alexis to tell the police that he wasn’t with Tom Baker that night. Once again she denies that she knows him. Franco shows Alexis the photo of her and Tom. She looks stunned. Franco asks if she could come forward on his behalf. Alexis tells him “I don’t know him; you had that photoshopped.” Franco tells her is time stamped, and she tells him to leave. He leaves. Julian comes out from hiding as Alexis is once again freaking out, saying it’s all over, while Julian says it’s far from over. Alexis says it’s all over because Franco has a picture of her and Tom Baker on the night of his murder. Franco’s going to the police with it. Julian tries to reassure her that only proves she crossed paths with Tom and says Franco’s just fishing to she what he can find out. Alexis is still freaking out and can’t think straight. Julian is still trying to reassure her that she can fight this. Julian says he believes in her, but she has to get sober to fight this.

Sam Fills In Jason and Curtis

Later, Jason and Curtis attempt to recover from the fire. Curtis feels that there is enough evidence to take to Jordan. Jason doesn’t want to get the cops involved until they find out who’s Julian and Rudge’s boss. They don’t know who the woman is and who her contacts are, which could include the police force. Curtis feels that it doesn’t make any sense to do this alone. Curtis is annoyed with Jason because the situation is getting dangerous, so he leaves as Sam arrives. Jason wants to know if she found out anything at Ava’s. She says didn’t but that Julian has moved out. Sam proceeds to tell Jason that she tried to rattle Ava to get information out of her but that she was unsuccessful. But she still senses that Ava is hiding something.

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