General Hospital Recap: Alexis Makes a Startling Confession


The “General Hospital Recap” for Monday, January 9 reveals loads of escalating drama. Julian  is shocked by Alexis’ confession, while Jason & Curtis finally get a clue, Dillon tells Kiki they should take it slow, and Liz gets advice from Laura regarding Franco.

By Joann Hernandez Skutches

What Do You About a Problem Like Franco?

At General Hospital, Laura (Genie Francis) stops by to see Liz (Rebecca Herbst) and tells her Kevin (Jon Lindstrom) sprained his ankle while trying to impress her kids skating. She mentions that the boys feel that Franco (Roger Howarth) in their lives for good, but Liz gives the impression that isn’t true. Everyone deserves a second chance, says Laura. Liz tells Laura what Franco did to Tom (Don Harvey), believing Franco innocent of his murder. What he did with Tom in the dog cage still disturbs her though. It doesn’t matter, because Franco has been pulling away even though she was willing to live with it. Laura tells her it’s all up to her, because she has to figure out what is good or bad.

It’s Good to Be Home

From their horrible trip, Dylan (Robert Palmer Watkins) and Kiki (Hayley Erin) return to Port Charles. Kiki explains that she’s still feeling guilty about what happened to Morgan but is determined to do something useful with that guilt, like help people with mental health issues. Dylan wonders if things are changing between them. While he orders food, Kiki goes to takes a shower. Later, awkwardness ensues between the two as Kiki walking around after his own shower. As the food arrives, he’s getting dressed. They feed each other and make out. Liz interrupts them, looking for Franco. Liz asks them not to let Franco know she was there. When she leaves, Dylan tells Kiki that he doesn’t want to rush into anything.

A Doting Dad, and a Shark of a Lawyer

At the Roadhouse, Franco and Scott (Kin Shriner) go over the evidence concerning Tom Baker’s last hours, while waiting to see if the murder weapon has Franco’s prints. Scott tells his son that he’ll need an alibi. Franco says he has none, because he was locked up in a dog crate. “Elizabeth Webber? You…” but Franco cuts him off, explaining it’s nothing kinky. Scott tells him that his alibi will land him in jail, especially after Franco explains what he did to Tom Baker. Franco tells Scott that while he was at the bar he ran into Alexis, who was acting strange. Scott wonders who Tom was drinking with before he died. In the meantime, Scott gets a call from the police, and they tell him they didn’t find any prints on the knife. Franco suggest that they search social media posts for images of the Roadhouse during that time. While searching they find someone has taken a selfie at the bar and as they zoom in they see Alexis (Nancy Lee Grahn) with Tom in the background.

More Clues About the Bomb That Killed Morgan

At the soup kitchen, Jason (Billy Miller) and Curtis (Donnell Turner) are questioning Buzz about Rudge. Buzz explains that Rudge’s boss is a woman and has ordered Buzz’s death. Nearby, Sam (Kelly Monaco) listens to them go over the story again. While hiding out at the catacombs, Buzz discovered that Rudge and his boss have a secret office down there. They give them cash to hide out in Baltimore and once he’s gone, Sam starts to tell him what she knows. She tells him that her father is really scared and doesn’t think he’s responsible for the bomb. The boys are determined to go into the pawnshop and down the catacombs. In the underground hideout, Rudge informs his boss that he hasn’t been able to locate Buzz but promises to find him. Also  Rudge tells his mystery boss that Jason’s has been asking questions. She pours hot tie on his hand. Meanwhile, Jason and Curtis are in the corridors, searching.

Admitting You Have a Problem Would Be the First Step in Healing

Alexis is freaking out at her place because she can’t find any booze, and Julian (William DeVry) shows up. He has taken all the booze away so that she would stop killing herself. While he is lecturing her about how she could kill someone, she’s kicking the bottles around. She has a flashback to Tom Baker’s trying to make out with her in the alley, and she gasps. As he begs her to go without a drink for 12 hours, she calls a cab. He feels he should save her, because he is the one who ruined her life. Alexis has another flashback of Tom, while she’s heading towards the door. Julian threatens to call the kids on her. She cancels the cab. While continuing to push her to stop drinking, he offers her a knife. She flashes back to her wrestling a knife away from Tom. Then Alexis goes for her phone to get a liquor store delivery. As she’s hanging up, she confesses to Julian that she killed a man.

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