Ex Days Actor Sounds Off on Twitter Against Former Employer


Photo Courtesy of Brad E. Young

Jonathon McClendon (ex-Chase Jennings, “Days of Our Lives”) had some bones to pick with Days. He used social media to do so. And he picked those bones clean!

The Whole Nine Yards

McClendon laid bare how disgusted he is with various aspects of the operation over at Days, including his own treatment by the show.

He expressed unhappiness with how writers told his story, specifically having him rape step-sister and friend, Ciara. Apparently, we here at Soap Cities weren’t the only ones traumatized by that scene and storyline.

The actor came to the defense of photographer Brad E. Young, who does photoshoots with Days actors. McClendon said Days used Young’s work without attribution, hurling another insult at the show for that. Scroll down to see that Tweet by Days that raised McClendon’s ire, as well as McClendon’s own Tweets.

The disgruntled actor also said the show unceremoniously fired a friend of his. He didn’t mention a name. Who could it be? Soap Cities will be on the lookout for a definitive answer.

A Foreshadowing Event

McClendon also raised eyebrows last year when he posted a video online that seemed to make light of Chase’s rape of Ciara.

What Caused This Online Outburst?

Perhaps McClendon’s harshest words were reserved for Days’ iconic longevity. McClendon thinks Days has been on the air long enough. As a final dig, McClendon said he’ll be watching “General Hospital” instead of the show he once called home. Of course, GH recently celebrated its 50th anniversary as well.

McClendon didn’t specify any particular incident that initiated his freak-out, why he went off yesterday and not any other day.

It’s a lot to process, for sure. Soap Cities will keep you updated with any future developments in this story.

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