Dylan Goes Undercover on Y&R?


Genoa City’s most ethically law man, Dylan McAvoy (Steve Burton), may soon be acting in some ways totally out of character for the “The Young and the Restless” (Y&R) detective.

Undercover and Under-the-Radar

Dylan might soon enter a high-stakes clandestine police operation, according to Facebook group “Young and the Restless Canada.” The group posted pics of Dylan with a goatee and a tightly cropped haircut, his muscular body entangled in all sorts of intimate positions with that of a willowy brunette. As you can probably guess the willowy brunette looks nothing like Dylan’s wife, Sharon (Sharon Case).

A Day Ahead Episodes May Give Us Some Clues

Y&R episodes air in Canada a day before they do in the United States. So, perhaps on Monday we’ll know more about what Dylan is doing smooching all over some other woman in an unfamiliar location.

The Beginning of Dylan’s End?

Dylan’s apparent undercover operation and what it looks like he may have to do in pursuit of it may be what sets in motion his departure from Genoa City. Late last year, Burton announced his plans to exit the role of Dylan McAvoy, which he has played since 2013.

Soon after his initial arrival in Genoa City, Dylan was revealed to be the long-lost son of Nikki Newman (Melody Thomas Scott) and Paul Williams (Doug Davidson). He fell in love with Sharon and became stepdad to Sharon’s daughter, Faith, whom Nick (Joshua Morrow), his half-brother, had fathered. Talk about complicated soap opera relationships!

Sully/Christian: a Potential Dealbreaker

Since Sharon confessed last November that she had lied about who her and Dylan’s supposed son, Sully, was, their marriage has experienced rocky times to say the least. Dylan has had trouble trusting Sharon. But being a good guy who loves his wife and their life together, he has wanted to try to make things work, sometimes with more success, sometimes with less.

Stay Tuned!

Make sure to watch Y&R next week to see what this whole undercover operation by Dylan is about–and the repercussions it could have for his life in Genoa City!

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