Daytime Star Susan Lucci Shares an Inspiring Story About Her Grandmother

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Protests erupted nationwide in response to the threat Donal Trump’s presidency could pose to women’s rights. “All My Children” (AMC) star Susan Lucci posted to Facebook about how a new position and her personal history place her in a prime role to keep women’s concerns at the forefront of the cultural consciousness.

A Heritage of Strong Womanhood

“I am so honored to be an ambassador for the establishment of the National Women’s History Museum in Washington, D.C. honoring the spirit and achievements of our great American women,” Lucci wrote.

She goes on to say that when her grandfather left her grandmother to return home to Europe, her grandmother refused to follow him.

Instead, Lucci’s grandmother put her skills as a pianist to use, working to support her family.

“[My grandmother] started her own orchestra and played in all the hotels in the area—as well as for the Broadway shows coming through, at The Milford Opera House!” Lucci wrote. She noted that her grandmother embodied the “can-do” spirit of American women. Scroll down to see her full message.

Strong Women, On and Off-Screen

Perhaps Lucci’s grandmother served (and will serve) as inspiration for Lucci’s portrayal of the iconic, independent woman, Erica Kane on AMC.

“My grandmother, Rosalie Sonner Grandquist, wasn’t famous—but she is a perfect example of the American women who with self-reliance and spunk helped make this country great!”

“Self-reliance and spunk” sound like two words Erica Kane fans would used to describe that inspiring daytime woman.

We at Soap Cities will keep you informed on the fight to bring AMC back to our screens. Then, maybe sooner than we know, Erica Kane will be back on them too!

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