Days of Our Lives February Sweeps: Deimos Gets (More) Demented!


“Days of Our Lives” (Days) February sweeps spoilers predict that Deimos will go further off the deep end as the struggle between the DiMera, Hernandez, and Kiriakis families heats up.

Hostage Crisis 

“As the war escalates, a desperate Deimos kidnaps Chad and Gabi,” Days Executive Producer Ken Corday told “Soap Opera Digest” in its latest print edition. “Abigail and Dario frantically look for them. Deimos’ shady dealings jeopardize his relationship with Nicole,” Corday continued.

Apparently falling off a cliff does have lasting effect on a person, even on a soap. This is extreme even for Deimos.

Chad and Gabi or Chad and Abby?

We at Soap Cities (SC) have some thoughts on this steamy Salem drama to come.

Being trapped together has always been a turn-on for Chad (Billy Flynn) and Gabi (Camila Banus), as when they were locked in the DiMera mansion panic room together last year. Though lately it’s looked to Gabi like she needs to call it a day and cut her losses with Chad, the kidnapping may lead to a continuation of their flirtation. An awareness of this has to be part of what motivates Abby (Marci Miller) in her and Dario’s search for them.

Meanwhile, Deimos’ (Vincent Irizarry) reprehensible behavior will drive a wedge between him and Nicole. And guess who will be there to pick up the pieces while also showing up for Nicole (Arianne Zucker) in her battle for Holly? Brady (Eric Martsolf)! Just yesterday, Nicole and Brady embraced as he assured her that she would win in the fight for her daughter. Deimos walked in and glared menacingly at them. Can we say, “foreshadowing?”

What do you think, SC readers?!

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