Bold and the Beautiful Recap: Steffy Considers an Important Decision

The “Bold and the Beautiful Recap” for January 9th: Steffy gives an answer to Eric’s offer, Brooke plans to visit Hope, Liam isn’t patient at Forrester Creations, and Ridge and Liam are  still obsessed with getting rid of Quinn.
By Joann Hernandez Skutches
Move Into the Mansion, Steffy
The discussion between Ridge, Liam, and Eric goes to Eric, who doesn’t agree with the latter two. Ridge reminds Liam that Eric never stays mad at anyone. Liam leaves but comes back announcing that Steffy hasn’t come back from her meeting with Eric, Quinn, and Wyatt. Ridge is sure that they’re coming up with something new. They have to get rid of Quinn; they have no other choice. Once again, Liam reminds him to be careful. Ridge says he’s a big boy. Liam replies as he’s leaving, “She eats those for breakfast.”
Eric, Quinn, and Wyatt Keep at It
At the Forrester mansion, Eric, Quinn, and Wyatt are still trying convince Steffy to move in. If she commits now, Eric says he will bequeath her the house, which will skip a generation. Talk turns to the million dollar payment for her. Steffy says it’s too much. Quinn says once she and Wyatt move in, her portrait would look beautiful on the mantle. Steffy reminds Wyatt that she is committed to Liam and will be moving back in with him after the divorce is final. Wyatt pleads with her to rethink the deal. Steffy agrees and says he’s a great salesman. Steffy leaves and Wyatt tells them that they pushed it a little to much with the portrait. He appreciates their help but he wants to work on his marriage himself. They apologize for trying to help too much. He tells his mother he loves her but advises her and Eric to quit while they’re ahead. After, Quinn express to Eric how she still feels responsible for her son’s unhappiness.
Brooke Makes Vacation Plans
At Brooke’s house, Brooke is getting dinner ready. She and RJ are chatting about why she isn’t marrying his father. She tells him that Ridge will not marry her until a certain someone is out of their lives. RJ assumes it’s Bill but then realizes it’s Quinn. RJ doesn’t see how they’re going to get rid of Quinn, but Brooke tells him that his father didn’t give her specifics. She just knows he’s very motivated to get rid of her. Later, they’re sitting down having dinner when Ridge arrives. RJ says Ridge is obsessed with his stepmother and asks why can’t he make his mother an honest woman. Once alone, Brooke says because Ridge is so preoccupied that she wants to go visit Hope in Italy. She misses her. Brooke says that once she gets back everything will be in order and they can get married.
Steffy Goes to See Liam
At the Malibu beach house, Steffy stops in to see Liam. Liam wishes she had her suitcase with her. Liam ask her how her meeting with was with Eric, Quinn, and Wyatt? Steffy tells him that continued trying to convince her to move into her grandfather’s house. Once again, Liam is irritated! He reiterates that Quinn behind this campaign to have Steffy move in to the Forrester mansion. Steffy tells him that they want to build a product line around her and leave her the mansion. Liam is convinced and wants her to acknowledge that they’re trying to buy her. She says, “They believe in me.” Steffy tells him that she turned them down. She informs him, “You’re the man I want to spend the rest of my life with.” And they kiss.

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