Bold and the Beautiful Nominated for GLAAD Award


The folks at “Bold and the Beautiful” (B&B) got a big honor today. The Gay and Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation (GLAAD) nominated the CBS sudser for one of its prestigious annual Media Awards!

Double the Recognition

B&B also got this honor last year for the groundbreaking Maya Avant storyline. Maya, as we all know, is a transgender woman. She revealed her history to her beau, Rick (Jacob Young) who embraced her and even proposed marriage to her. She began repairing her relationship with her straight-and-narrow parents, particularly father Julius (Obba Babatunde).

This year, Maya and Rick welcomed daughter Lizzie into the world. Maya’s sister Nicole (Reign Edwards) was their surrogate, adding dimension and complexity to Maya’s story.

Why Not the Others?

B&B is the only nominee in the Media Awards’ daytime series category. We thought this exclusion of the other daytime serials was noteworthy.

If GLAAD excluded “General Hospital,” “Days of Our Lives,” and “The Young and the Restless” from this category because of dropped or non-existent LGBTQ storylines, we’re confused. B&B hasn’t exactly put Maya at the forefront of the story canvas. Also, B&B does something wildly unrealistic and slightly offensive in relation to LGBTQ matters. The show centers on a fashion house that employs not a single gay man. Anyone who works in the fashion industry can attest to the ludicrousness of this bizarre narrative choice.

Days has Paul (Christopher Sean) and Sonny (Freddie Smiith), aka Paulson, and these two recently finally admitted they have feelings for each other. So we hope we’ll see more of them.

Brad and Lucas as a couple have been missing from the GH story canvas for a long time, ever since they tied the knot. However, the show just announced Carnes will return soon. In addition, we’ve seen more glimpses, random and fleeting though they have been, of Brad as Finn (Michael Easton) struggles with various life issues.

“The Young and the Restless” is the sole daytime drama with not a single LGBTQ character or any current awareness that the community exists.

GLAAD consistently recognized Days with nominations and awards until it killed Will Horton.

Double the Honor

“The GLAAD Media Awards recognize and honor media for their fair, accurate and inclusive representations of the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender community and the issues that affect their lives,” said GLAAD on its website.

Soap Cities thanks GLAAD for this important work and congratulates B&B for the honor.

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