B&B Recap for Monday, January 16th: All About Quinn


By Joann Hernandez Skutches

The Bold and the Beautiful  recap for Tuesday, January 16th tells of Quinn confronting Ridge about his womanizing ways, Liam waiting to see if Quinn will be out of their lives, while Quinn is feeling misunderstood.

In San Francisco…

Quinn (Rena Sofer) tells Ridge (Thorsten Kaye) she can’t believe he thought she would fall into bed with him. Ridge in return tells her he’ll do whatever he has to do to keep her away from dad, no matter the cost him. He goes to leave, until she says she done with him. Quinn ask him if he realizes that life as he knows it will be over, that he’ll be stripped of everything that goes with the Forrester name. She continues to tell him that he’s so charming, but he’s not going to charm his way out of this one. As she pours them drinks, while saying that the whole idea was to get her drunk. This little cat mouse game is over, she tells Ridge, that they both know her better than that. As she laughs and says it’s almost comical considering how wrong he was about her. She feels that Ridge is like everyone else. He wants her to have nothing while wanting her to beg. Ridge remarks that he is the son of Italian, blowhard billionaire. He wasn’t adopted, but he was passed off as the real thing. He was an an ‘imitation Forrester’. Quinn knows about his birthright, because Ridge made himself over to be the definition of what a Forester is. Poor Thorne, being a biological Forrester, hasn’t been able to come from under Ridge’s shadow. Quinn counters that Ridge takes whatever he wants, realizing exactly what he was going to do. She calls him the ultimate womanizer who uses woman as a conquest before dropping them. “I’ve been that woman,” she says. “So don’t you sit there in judgment of me and where I’ve come from, and what I’ve had to endure because you can go to hell Ridge Forrester, if hell will have you, because I won’t. And now…you can go.”

At the Forrester Mansion…

Eric (John McCook) and Wyatt (Darin Brooks) exchange their information on Quinn and Ridge’s successful symposium. Wyatt wants to party like bachelors, but Eric mentions that neither of them are bachelors. Wyatt responds that his marriage feels that it’s only missing two more nails in the coffin. Katie (Heather Tom) arrives and has with her a beat-up soccer ball that was on the property line. Eric laughs and says it’s must have been there for years. Eric says Ridge will get a kick out of it when he and Quinn come back from San Francisco. This surprises Katie, who thinks San Franciso wasn’t a great idea. She notices the portrait and sees that it’s Steffy (Jacqueline MacInnes Wood), Eric explains it was for when she lived there with her family and husband. Katie asks, “With Liam?” She learns they tried to get Steffy to move in there with Wyatt. Katie doesn’t think it was smart to pressure her. She bluntly tells them that Steffy feels she’s been injured and she’s not ready to forgive or forget. She tells Wyatt that he wouldn’t be married to Steffy if weren’t for Quinn. Wyatt admits she’s not wrong about where it started, but his feelings were real.

At Thomas’ Loft…

Liam (Scott Clifton) wants Steffy to come home. Liam says that maybe Quinn will have a different attitude when she comes home. Steffy reiterates that she’s staying there until the divorce is final. She’s thinking about Wyatt’s feelings. She knows Liam disagrees, but she asks Liam to respect her decision. Liam isn’t sure if it’s even her decision. Liam reminds her of the opportunities she was offered if she stayed married. She replies that it wasn’t that way and doesn’t want to talk about it anymore. He warns that allegiances formed between Quinn, Eric, and Wyatt. He adds that they can fall apart just as suddenly as they were formed. Liam is preoccupied with this phone, and Steffy ask if he’s waiting for a message. He says he’s working on something remotely. Steffy reassures him that what Quinn has done to them and her marriage it won’t always be between them. As Liam looks at her hand and she knows that her tattoos is still hanging on, she jokes about cutting my finger off. He says I will find a big enough ring to cover it up.

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