How Steve Burton and Derk Cheetwood’s Want to Help You Make it Big


On-screen, “The Young and the Restless’s” Steve Burton and “General Hospital’s” Derk Cheetwood play poker-faced tough guys. However, off-screen the two launched a business that offers guidance to actors beginning their careers.

A New Venture

The two ex-“General Hospital” (GH) cast mates offer lessons on navigating a career in Hollywood through their website, “Hollywood Schooled.” “Ever wonder what it takes to be a working and THRIVING actor in Hollywood?” they tease on their website.

Burton Tweeted enthusiastically about launching his and Cheetwood’s mentoring business. “Hey, my new project! I’m really excited,” the actor enthused along with a video introducing it.

Burton and Cheetwood are well-equipped to offer advice in this area. Burton spent 20 years portraying Quartermaine golden boy turned brooding mob enforcer Jason Morgan. In 2013 he began playing a police officer who tries valiantly to make sure justice is served on “The Young and the Restless,” (Y&R) Dylan McAvoy. He announced his impending departure from Y&R earlier this year.

Cheetwood too has been a staple in Port Charles since 2002 when he began playing Max Giambetti, the strong, strapping bodyguard who has become a comforting presence in his boss, Sonny Corinthos’ life. Max is always there to protect Sonny and even to help fix his problems.

Burton, with his angular good looks and striking blue eyes, was beloved by fans when he played Jason Quartermaine. He was kind and sweet, ambling down a straight and narrow life path. Jason suffered a head injury and woke up a changed man: the quiet, intuitive Jason Morgan. Burton’s fan base grew even bigger and more passionate.

A Family Affair

Cheetwood’s real-life brother, Drew, played Max’s on-screen brother, Milo Giambetti. Magic Milo made Port Charles swoon when he leads fellow hunks in a striptease at the Nurse’s Ball in 2015. The Cheetwood brothers are cousins of ex-GH star Tyler Christopher (ex-Nikolas Cassadine).

Burton has another business with ex-costar, Jonathan Jackson, Nashville restaurant “Jack and Jameson’s.” He’s also a member of “Port Chuck” a musical group that includes three former GH cast members.

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